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Dine Beneath the Supermoon Tonight

Ten vegetarian courses at Hitchcock honor the biggest moon in 70 years.

By Kathryn Robinson November 14, 2016

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Prix-fixe special dinners around here are so frequent, I almost never write about them.

Supermoons, however, are not. And tonight’s such phenomenon—a moon whose orbit is pulling it closer to the earth than it has been in nearly 70 years—is so brilliantly sympatico with a dinner arranged in its honor, it deserved its berth as our first Nosh Pit blog post of the week.

Tonight at Verjus, the Bainbridge Island juice bar run by the Hitchcock folks, chef Brendan McGill and sous Jeremy Arnold are staging a 10-course organic vegetable tasting menu in two seatings (5:30pm, 8pm). For $100 per person (including wine, tax, and tip) guests will enjoy black butter carrots with aerated carrot-ginger juice; honey-fermented beets with sweet corn, smoked sweet peppers, and parsley broth; chocolate-covered matsutake mushrooms with hay ice cream for dessert; and much more. The focus will be biodynamic wines and vegetables—the latter from farmer Max Sassenfeld of Bainbridge’s Tani Creek Farm— which is poetic, given the participation with the rhythms of nature biodynamic farming requires. “If anyone’s out there howling at the moon, it’s Max,” laughed McGill.

As of yesterday afternoon, a few tickets were still available for both seatings. Email [email protected]—and if you luck into some, enjoy the moon-bright ferry ride home.

If not, there's always Meet the Moon in Leschi.

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