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The surest, most efficient way to blow the minds of out-of-town visitors: A ferry ride to Bainbridge Island for a dinner of oysters and salmon tartare, and superlative roast chicken at Brendan McGill’s original restaurant. A recent upgrade befits the food—nice bathrooms, custom ceramics, user-friendly menu categories—and thanks to a new extruder, pasta dishes like twisty gemelli in a sauce of stinging nettles and cream are more consistent than ever. These days, McGill serves pork only from his own Shady Acres farm; the charcuterie plate might come layered with lonza, coppa, or a dollop of rillettes, made from his Mangalitsa hogs. Since Hitchcock opened in 2010, McGill’s added a whole slate of restaurants on Bainbridge and in Seattle, but Hitchcock’s evolution into a more customer-centered place might be his smartest move yet.  

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