Salt and straw q7bupo

Full disclosure: The Home Remedy popup isn’t quite this quaint. But it will be indoors, so huzzah for not lining up in the rain. Photo via instagram/thespicybee

Salt and Straw and Tom Douglas are pretty much going steady at this point, right? Portland's boldest ice creamery has two more popups scheduled at Home Remedy, T-Doug's Sixth Avenue grocer that doubles as a takeout lunch command center.

Salt and Straw will set up shop at Home Remedy on Friday, November 4 at 11am, selling scoops of a few different flavors, including the ice cream version of Douglas's famed triple coconut cream pie. (By no coincidence at all, Home Remedy will be sharing samples of its Thanksgiving to-go options during this same time slot, so maybe follow that coconut cream pie scoop with a few tastes of mushroom stuffing and turkey.)

The popup also gives Salt and Straw a chance to stock in Home Remedy's freezer with pints, so you can buy Salt and Straw here on the regular, though it's likely flavors will sell out before they can be replenished, so expect some gaps here and there. The Douglas folks say the market will indeed carry the coconut cream pie flavor, and pints of whatever else gets scooped at the popup.

Speaking of which, yet another short-term scoop shop happens Friday, December 16, also at 11am. Mark your calendars and keep an eye on various Tom Douglas social media channels for more specifics as dates get closer.

Let us continue to cross our fingers that Salt and Straw's new affection for Seattle popups is a prelude to a brick-and-mortar ice cream shop here in the 206.