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Photo via Salt and Straw.

A few weeks back, Portland ice cream phenom Salt and Straw finally landed on our metaphorical shores, with a three-day popup at La Marzocco's cafe at Seattle Center. Judging by the lines, it was a hit.

Today comes word of another Seattle collaboration. Salt and Straw teamed up with Tom Douglas to create a limited-edition ice cream based on one of his signature dishes: five-spice duck. Just kidding, though if there's anyone who could make that work as an ice cream, it's Salt and Straw's Tyler Malek.

Douglas and Malek created an ice cream version of Dahlia Lounge's triple coconut cream pie. Take it away, press release: “Toasted coconut ice cream, a double helix of coconut custard with light, fluffy meringue, and studded with candied coconut shavings. Damn. 

There's a catch, though. This most Seattle of ice creams is not actually available in Seattle. Douglas will debut the ice cream at Portland's annual mega food festival, Feast, next week. He'll be scooping at the Grand Tasting event on September 16 at 1pm, then join Salt and Straw founder Kim Malek at the ice creamery's shop on Northwest 23rd later that afternoon from 4 to 5pm. The flavor will then be available at that particular location until it sells out.

What does this mean for anyone who isn't planning a trek down I-5 for Feast? While Salt and Straw recently expanded to Los Angeles, I always assumed Seattle was unlikely since Kim Malek previously worked in Seattle at Cupcake Royale with Jody Hall, who now has her own great line of ice cream. But these Seattle collaborations—and the fact that nobody overtly shoots the idea down any time I ask about it—suggest the door might be open after all.

Let us hope.

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