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 Tom Douglas’s little market in the Via6 building at Sixth and Lenora began as a place to pick up fancy snacks and the occasional kitchen staple, with a salad bar toward the back. But the neighborhood let its needs be known: Home Remedy has become a takeaway lunchtime juggernaut, the market’s central counter now slings rice bowls and Indian-style burritos; hot sandwiches and pizza slices emanate from the back room. The salad bar is still going strong, and the selection of local beer, ice cream, salumi, condiments, and prepackaged hits from the Douglas universe is just as great, even if actual grocery shopping means doing a little bob and weave between people waiting for lunch orders.

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Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch
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Home Remedy

2121 Sixth Ave, Seattle, WA, 98121
Denny Regrade  •  206-812-8407
Mon–Fri 8am–9pm <br> Sat & Sun 10am–8pm