Bateau steak vt3wxt

Steak, Bateau style.

Image: Sarah Flotard

…Renee Erickson’s groundbreaking French steak house, Bateau.

As 100-some lucky diners found out last night, when they dined there for our Fourth Annual Secret Supper, Bateau is a hybrid on many fronts: a dry-aged steak house and a refined French restaurant; a purveyor of bistro classics and Northwest seasonal innovations (thank you, chef Taylor Thornhill); a pretty room with floral china plates and a manly meathouse with carcasses behind glass.

Throw in service that nails a tone both polished and down-to-earth, and you begin to see why so many diners were so well served last night. (Well, the elderberry caper with pickled elderflower steak tartare may have had something to do with it. Or maybe the glazed beef shank with shiitakes.) Mind you, these diners didn’t know where they were signing up to dine—just that the place whose name and address they got for the first time yesterday morning was our choice for 2016’s Restaurant of the Year.

And some choice it is. Read why here.

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