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Talk about philanthropic dining alfresco. The Pink Door's covered patio is an ideal spot to eat bucatini all'amatriciana. 

As you’ve likely heard by now, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake wreaked significant damage to central Italy this week. Making matters worse, towns like Amatrice were further rattled by strong aftershocks, continuing to claim hundreds of lives. In response, chefs and restaurateurs the world over, from Chicago to London, have answered the call for support by donating portions of pasta sales to earthquake relief.

Here in Seattle, The Pink Door owner Jacqueline di Roberto is taking action too. Di Roberto, who was “shocked and saddened by the sheer devastation and loss of life” in the region in which her grandfather was born, is bringing back a signature dish from the Pink Door’s 1981 menu: bucatini all’amatriciana, or Amatrice style. Indeed, this pasta sauce comprising of fresh tomatoes, cured pork cheek, and pecorino romano cheese hails from Amatrice. And starting today through September 15, 100 percent of the proceeds from this dish will be donated to the Italian Red Cross, aka Croce Rossa Italiana. It’s $17 more than well spent.

And to The Pink Door, located at 1919 Post Alley, in bocca al lupo (good luck).

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