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What Matt Dillon might be eating at Peloton. ('s really good.)

In my line of work I frequently see chefs dining in other people’s restaurants. Like Tom Douglas (Carlile Room, and a few more), all the time. He once said he tries to eat in two restaurants daily: one of his own, one of someone else’s.

In the last few months I’ve spied Matt Dillon (Sitka and Spruce, etc.) brunching at Peloton. Mike Easton (Il Corvo) lunching at Nirmal’s. Ethan Stowell (Staple and Fancy, and others) walking by Stateside. (Can’t verify whether or not he came in…but man, for his sake I hope he did. Stateside’s amazing.)

Even more telling are the restaurants chefs tell journalists are their favorites. Coincidentally, the June Seattle Met includes a feature in which Seattle’s most promising young culinary achievers name the Seattle restaurant that fed them most memorably. A few might surprise you.

Check it out here in Next Hot Chefs 2016.