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Hand-painted onlookers inside Ciudad; they'll steal your leftovers...or soul. Photo: Marcus Lalario

Last fall, we learned that the James Beard–winning chef behind such Seattle gems as Sitka and Spruce, Bar Sajor, and The London Plane had joined forces with a nightlife guru turned restaurateur-slash-burger-aficionado. Now, it’s officially on. Ciudad is open as of yesterday evening at 6118 12th Avenue South in Georgetown.

Within Ciudad’s tall brick walls is Matt Dillon and Marcus Lalario’s brainchild conceived over sports and another shared interest: “We’re both huge lovers of chicken,” says Lalario. From there, the duo has built a restaurant influenced, but not defined, by the dining and grilling traditions of South America, Portugal, the Mediterranean, and more. Namely, their affinity for grilled meat.

Dillion, the culinary consultant in this project, works closely with chef Nick Coffey (formerly of Cafe Barjot and Dillion’s own Sitka and Spruce) on menu development. Off the open-air grill at the front of the restaurant you’ll get Gulf prawns spiced with harissa, lamb marinated in yogurt, black garlic–marinated chicken, and king oyster mushrooms in escabèche, all served with limes, chili paste, and Coffey’s own spiced salt. Next up: sauces. Choose from garlic mayonnaise, an anchovy brown butter bagna cauda, burnt honey and vinegar, chimichurri, with more saucy combos coming soon.

Also to come says Coffey, “[Ciudad] will be doing whole animal here shortly—whole lambs especially.” These local lambs may end up on skewers or as larger cuts on the grill.

And don’t worry. It’s not a complete sausage fest. That is, there’s fare of the nonmeat variety like deep fried cauliflower and almonds, salads of all sorts, and herby, housemade flatbread—grilled of course.

Besides the breezy interiors lidded by a huge skylight, Ciudad boasts a 2,500-square-foot outdoor area, where Lalario, being the music lover that he is, will soon host some sweet summertime parties. 

Meanwhile, just around the corner is a sister walkup bar fittingly named Bar Ciudad. Here, get beers by the pint or pitcher, Jameson Whiskey–based frozen cocktails, carafes of white wine sangria, buckets of Modelo cans, and more.

So that you can just get down there already, here’s what to know: Hours are Tuesday through Saturday, from 4pm to 10pm for dinner; same goes for Bar Ciudad, at least for now. Eventually both lunch and dinner will run seven days a week. As for Saturday and Sunday, the outdoor space will open at 2pm...happy midday drinking.


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