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Coming soon to South Lake Union.

Sweet mother. The folks at Vulcan just released an official accounting of all the bars and restaurants it has lined up along Ninth Avenue North in South Lake Union. The street that parallels Westlake is shaping up to be an instant restaurant corridor. Here's the rundown from Vulcan, organized roughly from north to south (with a small detour to Josh Henderson's new spots over on Westlake). Brace yourself for a lot of lunch and a lot of happy hours. 

Ballard Pizza Co.
Ethan Stowell is following up Ballard Pizza Co. and Frelard Pizza Co. with a third outpost for slices, whole pies, and gently adult libations. Yes, it will be named Ballard Pizza Co. Yes, it's in South Lake Union. It's going into a new Amazon building at Mercer and Westlake and will deliver to addresses inside the bounds of Fairview, Dexter, Denny, and Mercer. Hours are 11–7; happy hours are 4–7.

Sam's Tavern
The Capitol Hill destination for burgers, $1 Rainiers, and truly towering bloody Marys is expanding to the northeast corner of Ninth and Harrison. Sam's SLU will have the same vibe as the original, and is targeting a January open...the perfect month to appreciate a cheap beer.

Hurry Curry of Tokyo
As Eater Seattle reported a while back, the LA-based restaurant is coming to Ninth and Harrison's southwest corner. As the name implies, these guys are all about Japanese-style curries, with some Western liberties. When Hurry Curry opens (likely in December) it will serve lunch, dinner, and happy hours of both the evening and late-night persuasion. 

Eltana Bagels
The wood-fired bagelry will open a fourth location on the northwest corner of Ninth and Thomas. The lunch menu will be a bit bigger than the Capitol Hill and Stone Way locations, and hours will be 7am to 6pm daily. Eltana's the first of this bunch to open; look for it later this month.

Poulet Galore, Vestal, and Cantine Bottle Shop and Bar
These are Josh Henderson's aforementioned new spots, going into the same new Amazon building as Ballard Pizza Co., though along the Westlake side. Poulet Galore is a takeout window serving rotisserie chickens–half or whole–plus a "garnish bar" where possibilities range from ranch dressing to piri piri. The name is either hilariously clever or mildly scandalous depending on your feelings about the James Bond canon and double entendres (triple entendres?) involving poultry and lady business. Attention, paleo people: Poulet Galore will also serve hot chicken broth to go. Vestal is Henderson's long-awaited chance to cook Henderson's food; the release promises "a vast chef counter surrounding a coal-fired hearth." Finally, Cantine Bottle Shop and Bar will serve beer aplenty, plus snackish plates like charcuterie, cheese, and a few pressed sandwiches. Yep, there's also wine and (batched) cocktails. All three spaces are slated to open in March 2016.