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Image: Olivia Brent

1. Salt Blade Urutan

The blend of sour and fire that defines good Southeast Asian food, now in salami form. It’s made with galangal, turmeric, and bird’s eye chilies by a promising new Seattle charcuterie company. saltblade.com

2. The Swinery Lamb Bacon

A more complex, ever-so-slightly funky take on the whole bacon experience. swinerymeats.com

3. Rain Shadow Meats Smoked Mortadella 

The butcher puts a savory Northwest spin on this traditional pistachio-studded sausage from Bologna, smoking it over applewood. rainshadowmeats.com

4. Hitchcock Bacon

Heritage-breed bellies get cured in salt, brown sugar, and pate spices. Available at both the Bainbridge and Georgetown deli locations, it’s the bacon by which to measure all others. hitchcockdeli.com

5. Link Labs Stout and Cheddar Bratwurst

Made in Maple Leaf with smoked cheddar and Fremont Brewing’s Dark Star Oatmeal Stout—plus Lopez Island meats from new owner Jones Family Farms. These brats pack seriously rich flavor. linklabartisanmeats.com

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