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Brendan McGill Says Farewell to Hitchcock Deli Georgetown

Georgetown's craft sandwich shop gets a new owner, and new life as a deli and market.

By Allecia Vermillion January 15, 2019

Hitchock Deli Georgetown's days are numbered: In its place, expect Georgetown Deli and Market around March.

Image: Suzi Pratt

Brendan McGill says he’s selling his deli in Georgetown, handing over the keys to his general manager. New owner John Richards (no, not the DJ, though I’m sure he never, ever gets tired of jokes in that vein) will open Georgetown Deli and Market in its stead.

Since he opened the deli four years ago, McGill has added downtown’s Cafe Hitchcock to his roster (plus its same-building spinoff, Cafe Hitchcock Express). His spots on Bainbridge Island—Hithcock the restaurant, the original Hitchcock Deli, and pizzeria Bruciato—keep him plenty busy too, especially as he readies Bar Hitchcock for an early February open.

“I’m having so much fun swinging at all these things,” says McGill. His deli in Georgetown is “just a little bit out of my flight path.”

Richards, a guy whose resume includes Revel and Sisters and Brothers, has Georgetown in his blood; his grandfather was born in the neighborhood and grew up not far from the deli. But these days, he says, "There's no grocery store, you can't buy sundries anywhere but the gas station." That's why he's changing things up a bit.

As the new name implies, Georgetown Deli and Market will have its own soup/salad/sandwich menu, but also shelves of canned goods, paper towels, toothpaste, and the like. Even better, a small produce stand will stock basics like apples and onions from local operations like Red Dog Farm in Chimacum—places that already supply McGill's restaurants.

"He has all these ideas that cater to the neighborhood," says McGill, who was pleased to sell a business to an employee. 

The handoff happens February 1. Current chef Paul Bickford will stick around and devise a new menu. After an interim period of sorts, the market will likely launch March 1. We'll add in a social media link shortly for anyone who wants to track its progress.

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