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Hitchcock Deli Opens Today in Georgetown

The Bainbridge favorite hits the mainland.

By Allecia Vermillion July 8, 2014

Bring on the bacon. Top photo via a dedicated Nosh Pit reader/spy; bottom photo via Hitchcock Deli's Facebook page.

Today Brendan McGill is opening his doors down in Georgetown, launching a Seattle sibling to his lovely Hitchcock Deli on Bainbridge Island. That deli, of course, being a sibling to McGill's equally lovely Hitchcock restaurant.

The space at 6003 12th Avenue South has a similar menu to its Bainbridge predecessor—it's full of hearty sandwiches that showcase its owner's twin preoccupations with well-wrought meat and local produce. McGill is planning a new slate of salads and plates to appear alongside the hot pastrami, porchetta-stuffed cubans, and crisped-to-order BLTs.

Once the new location finds its rhythm, he's adding plates like tuna and white bean salad, the spicy Thai ground chicken salad with mint and lime and rice powder known as larb gai, a miso-walnut-broccoli number, and a kale caesar, which seems to be threatening teriyaki and as Seattle's signature dish.

Oh, and let's talk bacon. Because the bacon at the original Hitchcock Deli is one of my favorite things, and consistently kills it in side-by-side fancy bacon comparisons conducted by my husband on the occasional Sunday morning. It's one of the various meats and charcuteries that will be sold by the pound here. Which means I no longer have to transport it in my purse on a ferry.The Georgetown deli also has beer, wine, coffee, about 20 seats and an additional 10 outside.

As McGill put it on Facebook, "being 'ready' to open a restaurant is like being 'ready' to go base jumping;" anyone racing to Georgetown for a pastrami sandwich should remember there will inevitably be kinks getting worked out in the coming weeks. Hours today are noon to 7, but keep an eye on the website and the deli's Facebook page for more specifics as they unfold.

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