Food Lovers Guide to Seattle

Washington-Made Pantry Items

Our ideal pantry—stocked entirely with local goods—looks a little something like this.

By Seattle Met Staff July 9, 2015 Published in the July 2015 issue of Seattle Met

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From top, left to right: 

  • Smokey Jal Hot Sauce: A hot sauce with kick reinforced with a nice, smoky flavor
  • Villa Herada Harissa: A mellow take on the versatile North African condiment, made by a Moroccan-born importer with major input from his mom
  • Flying Vessel St. Jude Tuna: Sustainable Pacific albacore tuna bellies packed in white-truffle-infused olive oil
  • Ballard Extracts Vanilla: A seriously upgraded version of the workhorse baking ingredient, in a bottle that would be at home in a cocktail bar
  • Ballard Bee Company Special Dark Cream Honey: A dark-hued honey with a figgy, almost caramel taste collected each August when bees have been feeding on Japanese knotweed plants
  • Girl Meets Dirt Preserves: Pears from a century-old Orcas Island orchard, slowly cooked down to a smooth, mega concentrated preserve (pink peppercorn adds spice)
  • Hot Cakes Peanut Butter Bites: Candied peanut butter, local sea salt, and a coating of organic dark chocolate—in short, it’s a grownup play on a Butterfinger candy bar.
  • Primal Island Cranberry granola: It’s sweet. It’s crunchy. It’s made on Whidbey Island and totally grain free, thus cool with gluten-free and paleo folk.
  • Peeks Pantry Sriracha: If you’re going to put sriracha on everything, it might as well be this version from the owners of Little Uncle, made with their own mix of peppers and chilies.
  • Wei Kitchen Shallot Oil: Safflower oil infused with the vivid taste of crispy fried shallots lends Vietnamese gravitas to simple dishes.
  • Oly Kraut: Two of Seattle’s favorite things—fermented foods and kale—in one jar, with a dose of smoked jalapeños to keep them company
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