So ironic it could almost be real. Image via Bait Shop's Facebook page.

Today marks the first stage of our new $15 minimum wage, but also a chance for bars, restaurants, and even distilleries to get all pranky. 

Ivar's: Pot Chowder
This year the reliable pranksters at Ivar's announced a new strain of chowder, made with cannabis. Employee Mary Jane Greene "has spent the past few months hashing out the best and tastiest way to substitute marijuana-infused oil for some of the fats in Ivar’s chowder, and deciding how to blitz each bowl with a sprinkling of fresh weed, rather than the traditional parsley." Keep clam, indeed. 

Bait Shop: Derschangigans
Wait, I might really enjoy Linda Derschang's ironic take on a cheesy chain restaurant. I bet the potato skins would rock. Per the Bait Shop Facebook page: "We are so super pumped to announce the Grand Opening of Derschanigans! This backwards-sunglasses-wearing-suburban-comfort-food-with-a-goatee restaurant will be located at 606 Broadway East! Stop on by and grab yourself a Strawberry Spritzer Blitzer and some Frenzy Freedom Fries next Wednesday, April 1st!" Tonight only servers will sport flair and fried onions will bloom at her Broadway bar. Though there seems to be some inconsistency on whether it's Derschanigan's (with just one "g") or Derschangigans. 

Westland: Tukwila
Much as restaurants shed their identities for a day to do something different, the SoDo distillery that's built a big following for its single-malt whiskies says it's releasing an agave spirit (aka a tequila) today. The name: Tukwila. There are just 64 bottles, available only at the distillery for $49.99. So it's an April Fools-ish gag...except the Westland peeps swear this is a very real bottling. Slightly confusing, but these guys are ferociously good at what they do, so I bet this stuff is solid. Limit one bottle per person.

LloydMartin: Sloppy Hog BBQ
Every year chef Sam Crannell's Queen Anne restaurant assumes a temporary identity on April 1. This year he's going barbecue, and expanding to four whole nights of pulled pork and maple bacon baked beans. The name of this temporary restaurant is Sloppy Hog, which leaves me wondering: Did Crannell conceive of this whole idea just so he could make "Sloppy Seconds" a menu category? I'm pretty okay with that. Sloppy Hog is almost full up for reservations, but will still be taking walkins. 

Cupcake Royale Owner Jody Hall: Fancy Marijuana Cookies
Oh wait, that's real. 


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