What: Cadence Coda Red Wine Red Mountain 2012 $25 

Where:  McCarthy and Schiering, Esquin, Pike and Western, Pete’s, Metropolitan Market, PCC, Full Pull Wines

Why: After several challenging years, the 2012 vintage is shaping up to be a glorious one for Washington wine, with heat accumulation that tracked nearly perfectly to 20-year averages. It was, quite simply, the vintage that Washington growers, winemakers—and wine lovers—had been waiting for. 

If a high tide lifts all boats so in a strong vintage there are opportunities for better quality up and down the price ladder. The 2012 Cadence Coda Red Wine ($25) is one such exquisite example. Principally cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, and merlot, this wine is filled with generous cranberry, herb, plum, and mineral aromas and flavors along with a fine sense of acid and tannin balance. 

Red Mountain wines increasingly come at a premium as the tiny appellation’s star has brightened. At $25, this wine is an absolute steal – perfect both for people who typically drink less expensive bottles looking to do some exploration and also people who regularly drink top tariff wines looking to save some cash without sacrificing quality.


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