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Sports bars are great fun, if you like the standard combo of burgers, fries, and crowded room full of drunk people already calling in sick to work on Monday. But there are plenty of not-so-traditional places in Seattle excited to host a mob of jacked up, jersey'd fanatics, their families, and that one lonely co-worker everyone everyone feels obligated to invite.

Roxbury Lanes and Casino
Get a little weird this Sunday in White Center. First, enjoy some foodstuffs not often seen on the same menu, like nachos, hot and sour soup, and pizza. Then get a few frames in during half time at the bowling alley and buy a few pitchers of domestic beer. The casino is open all night, so whether the Seahawks win or lose you can either celebrate or take out your angst on the blackjack table.

The SODO beer den has never tried to be too flashy. A decent selection of beer, some old pinball, and a food menu that pretty much consists of pizza and peanuts all make for a low key atmosphere. Similarly, their Super Bowl viewing setup gets the job done without trying to impress anyone: a TV propped up in the corner of the room. Drink some Rainier, throw peanut shells on the ground, and enjoy the simple things in life.

Uwajimaya Food Court
The popular International District mega-grocer has been showing games on its food court televisions. Instead of being limited to one single bar food menu (fools!), the Uwajimaya Super Bowl patron can sample a variety show of cuisine: Shilla Korean BBQ, Noodle Zen, Aloha plates, and cream puffs from Beard Papa's or Unicone Crepes for dessert. No booze allowed, though. But you can buy lots of Harubo candy and novelty gifts.

Just as there is no crying in baseball, there is no authentic raviolini in football. Thankfully, Jason Stratton is aware of this, and has apparently created a special bar menu featuring fancy...ready for this? rolls. Possible fillings include burrata, anchovies, and chicken liver mousse. With a side of artisanal ranch, of course. Because this is America.

Ark Lodge
Sometimes it's healthy to think totally outside of the box. Columbia City's historic theater will be throwing a family-friendly pot luck Sunday afternoon, then showing the game for free on both the big screen and banquet room. Pretend you are in the good seats of the University of Phoenix Stadium, watching the Legion of Boom unleash pain on Brady. Only after the game you get to drive home and sleep in your own bed.  

Alicia Fusion Bistro
Green Leaf's sibling bistro on Lake Washington has fitted the cocktail lounge for serious football watching: a 100-inch projector screen and accompaying TV with cozy leather couches. The drink options are decent and pho, banh mi, and fresh spring rolls are highly underrated game-watching foods. If you really need a burger, Alicia's is topped with pickled cucumber and lime aioli.

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