Stacey Rozich is coming up from LA to do another mural at the new location. Photo via Rachel's Ginger Beer's Facebook page.

Rachel’s Ginger Beer is following up its Pike Place Market flagship with a second outpost in the new 12th Avenue Arts building debuting this week on Capitol Hill

And this time, there are French fries.

This spring, the southernmost space in the newly constructed confluence of performing arts, restaurants, and affordable housing will become home to RGB’s particular combination of ginger beer and carbonated draft cocktails.

The original location has a sort of soda fountain vibe; owner Rachel Marshall says RGB 12th Ave will feel more like a bar—patrons can sit and drink at a long counter instead of just ordering at it. She and partner Adam Peters envision people working here during the day (over a drink, Oddfellows style), and imbibing here at night before attending a performance in one of the building’s two theater spaces. Her army of ginger beer devotees can fill growlers with guava, blood orange, apple and fennel, or any of RGB's myriad other flavors.

A location outside of the market means no restrictions on serving food, hence a chance to enact Marshall’s longtime plan of serving frites the way it’s done in Europe. She has enlisted Monica Dimas to create a menu of crispy, hand-cut fries and 15 to 20 dipping sauces, including a fancy ranch. (No worries—this is a side project; Dimas isn’t leaving her post as sous chef at Mkt.) And there might be fried cheese curds, just because.

The Pike Place Market location, says Marshall, was “an incredible accident,” made possible when Seattle’s Best closed there last year. But since her ginger beer business began as a stand at the Broadway Farmers Market, she’s a wee bit sentimental about finding a spot on Capitol Hill.

Not that Marshall is a stranger to the neighborhood; she co-owns Montana and Nacho Borracho with Kate Opatz. Fun fact: Montana sells more fernet than any other establishment in the state. So while the original RGB doesn’t do much with that particular liqueur—“It doesn’t sell in the market,” says Marshall—the 12th Ave location will pour a few Montana-esque favorites like the Dark and Fernety, plus some house creations. 

Look for RGB 12th Ave as early as March or April. U:Don and Pel'Meni Dumpling Tzar are also opening locations in the complex.


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