Coming to Greenwood this spring.

Hot Cakes Expands to Capitol Hill.   Ballard’s epicenter of molten cakes and boozy milk shakes is planning a new shop on Olive Way, in the former site (sniff) of B&O Espresso. Hot Cakes 2.0 will have in-house ice cream production and an outdoor fire pit and indoor hibachi grills for year-round s’mores. 

Coyle’s Bakeshop Finds a Permanent Home.  The addictive popup bakery will likely still have a line when it lands in its permanent quarters at 83rd and Greenwood this winter. But now you can eat your cretzels and lemon chiffon cake at an actual table. 

MistralKitchen’s Makeover. The Jewel Box, the SLU restaurant’s luxe dining room within a dining room, is the latest upscale spot to go casual.  William Belickis is morphing it into a cocktail bar within a dining room, showcasing both housemade cocktails and custom-blown glassware. The tasting menus will migrate to the restaurant’s main dining room. 

Dahlia Lounge Turns 25.  On November 15, the restaurant that launched a thousand (well, almost 20) T-Doug establishments celebrates a quarter century in Seattle. Coconut cream pie for all.