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Monsoon Seattle’s Bloody Alternative with Pho Broth Sangrita

A leftover batch of pho broth inspires a meaty take on the bloody Mary.

By Allecia Vermillion November 1, 2013 Published in the November 2013 issue of Seattle Met

“It’s essentially a tequila back; a sidecar for a tequila shot.” Sangrita is usually some lively combination of juices and spices. “It’s kind of the same concept as pho broth—a lot of people use it for health and hangovers.”


1. Kummel
Caraway liqueur adds a flavor note similar to aquavit.

2.  Tomato and Pineapple Juices 
“It’s a brighter, fresher flavor than just tomato.” Freshly juiced pineapples are run through a chinois to eliminate pulp.

3.  Pho Broth
A batch of leftover pho broth inspired this drink; it’s actually from sibling restaurant Ba Bar, made with five spice and anise and beef thigh bones. “It’s cooked down for three days and makes this nice, rich, fatty broth.”

4. More Spices
Garlic bulbs go in a juicer and commingle with carrot juice, coriander, salt, pepper, a little more five spice, and some sriracha for heat.

5.  Gin 
The house gin is Bellringer. “It’s a respectable gin.”

6. Garnish
Monsoon’s beverage director, Jon Christiansen, is a minimalist, at least in this department. “Just a little Thai basil for looks.”

7. Salted Rim
A mix of paprika, salt, and sugar, as well as other spices like coriander. “It’s whatever I find around the kitchen, ground with a mortar and pestle.”



This article appeared in the November 2013 issue of Seattle Met.

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