Of course the display cabinet is charming, too. Photo via Jenny Hudak Klimenkoff.

Local restaurateurs have been busy opening markets and mercantiles. But meanwhile, local mercantile owners have been adding bars to their establishments (example A: E. Smith Mercantile).

Recently Jenny Hudak Klimenkoff, owner of downtown shop Far4, sends word that she has incorporated a Champagne lounge into her lovely establishment. 

I’m sure style editor Laura Cassidy and her cohort Amanda Zurita could give you a way more informed explanation of why Far4’s selection of jewelry, accessories, housewares, art, and dash of vintage is great. All I know is I keep going in there to buy gifts for other people, then returning to buy the exact same item for myself. 

When Hudak Klimenkoff pondered adding a new dimension to her shop, she originally thought cocktails. But those are plentiful in this town, and she's a big fan of Champagne.  

The actual changes in the store are subtle. Don’t expect to see a row of bar stools; a companionable square of black couches are set up in the center of the shop. But Hudak Klimenkoff has lined up, after much tasting and agonizing, five Champagnes and a prosecco on offer. Three of these come by the glass. 

Bottles range from $18 to $66; you can pop one open in the store for a $10 corkage fee. Plus, anyone having a glass or bottle in the lounge gets 10 percent off anything in the store (no surprise, Hudak Klimenkoff has all sorts of options for people who want to do private events). Should you prefer to do your shopping without bubbles-induced giddiness, there's a nonalcoholic soda and bitters option, too.

The aforementioned tasting and agonizing happened with help from her husband, Jonathan Hudak. Cocktail nerds might recall his days behind the bar at Artusi; though he now works in web development, you might see Hudak here some evenings.

Far 4 is located at 1020 First Ave; currently hours are 11 to 8, Monday through Saturday.


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