5 Reasons to Get Excited About Juicebox

From farmers market stand to popup to full-fledged cafe in the heart of Capitol Hill. Not a bad year and a half.

By Allecia Vermillion November 15, 2013

Softly open today...back at it for real on Monday. Photos via Juicebox's Facebook and Instagram. Thanks, guys.

It seems like just yesterday local cooks Kari Brunson and Brandin Myett decided to try selling fresh-pressed juice at the farmers market on Broadway. A year later the duo was so busy offering juice cleanses and doing a weekly "shop in shop" at La Bête that they took their business indoors permanently.

Now Juicebox is even more permanent; Brunson and Myett softly opened today in their new brick-and-mortar juice bar and cafe at 1517 12th Avenue. It's not a big space (most recently it was an interior design shop) but it possesses all the worn hardwood and large-windowed charm a 1913 building has to offer.

The healthy juice trend is making major inroads in places like Portland, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles. And Capitol Hill's newest outpost for liquid combos like the Julius (carrot, Valencia oranges, and turmeric root) also benefits from Brunson and Myett's culinary backgrounds with a full-on food menu, which flouts the limitations of their little kitchen.

Today is the soft open, with the for-reals debut happening Monday, November 18. Here, five reasons we're excited to hang out at Juicebox.

Well, juice—obviously. The full array of Juicebox standards, like tropical green (kale, pineapple, celery, and coconut water), spiced yam (yam, carrot, cinnamon, and ginger root) and the ginger beet that sustained me when I tried Juicebox's popular cleanse. You can also get combos blended with ice, like cocoa nib, banana, date, and the house almond milk. Should you require juice of a different kind, there's a full array of Stumptown espresso drinks.

Food that’s healthy, but not all sanctimonious about it. I knew Juicebox would be serving food, but wow is the menu extensive. And it sounds damn good considering how virtuous it is. In the morning there's yogurt (coconut or cow), roasted pumpkin oatmeal, and "morning sandwiches" filled with combos like scrambled egg, spinach, potatoes, and green romesco. I'm eyeing the ginger and garlic brown rice congee and warm corona bean salad on the lunch menu. Look for the daily lineup here in the near future (and give these guys a few days to get fully up and running on the food side of things). 

Cool design flourishes courtesy of Aleks Dimitrijevic. The owner of nearby La Bête (where Juicebox most recently did popup business) is also a partner here. And it’s handy to have a partner with major artistic capabilities. Dimitrijevic fashioned some cool banquette seating (here it is in progress) made from old fir bleachers from Shoreline High School. The two-person tables are inlaid with geodes and fossilized snails. We also dig the custom wallpaper in the bathroom, designed by Matthew Parker.

Friday night dinners.  Usually Juicebox is a morning and afternoon sort of spot, but as soon as Brunson and Myett get their sea legs, they plan to start up a regular weekly dinner. Each one will seat just 25 people, and let the couple get back to their pre-juice cooking roots. Expect lots of vegetables, though Brunson says menus might feel familiar to anyone who attended their AOPC dinners back in the day. Four courses, including wine, will likely run somewhere between $75 and $90 apiece.

You will definitely not get mugged here. When Myett and Brunson signed their lease, a rep from the owner, Hunters Capital, noted that being adjacent to a police station means a serious lack of the graffiti and other shenanigans that businesses can suffer on the Hill (hopefully writing that sentence didn't jinx them). Drive by and you're likely to see a car parked right outside. So if you’re a fugitive from justice, maybe get your juice downtown at Evolution Fresh. Myett is pondering some sort of law enforcement discount or special, just to see if Seattle’s finest have any interest in adding healthy juice to their regular repertoire of coffee and cheeseburgers. 

Juicebox's regular hours will be weekdays from 8 to 4, Saturdays and Sundays from 10 to 4.


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