Huge Jenga blocks are just one option for fun at the Armory happy hour. Photo courtesy of the Seattle Center.

Every third Thursday from 5pm to 8pm the vendors of the Seattle Center Armory “food court” offer happy hour. This is not your average mall food court. You won’t find greasy slices of Sbarro pizza or an Orange Julius. Instead, you'll find pizza specials and dessert deals worth a visit. They call it “Seattle’s Best Damn Happy Hour” and we think they could be onto something. Here's a guide on how to do it right. And below, a taste of what some of the vendors will be serving. 

Bigfood BBQ
This storefront looks a little like it was pulled from the set of The Cabin in the Woods, but with far more smoked meats. Stop by for three sliders for $5—your pick of bbq chicken, pork, or beef. There's also $5 mac and cheese, and you can get that with or without bacon. (But seriously why would you ever opt out of bacon?) Wash it down with Bud or Bud Light for $2.50.

Skillet: Counter
Belly up diner-style for two bucks off draft beer and tap wine. Food specials run you $6. Which means spicy chicken wings with blue cheese, country-style pork ribs with baked beans, and chicken salad tostadas.

Here you'll find a grilled salmon slider with pesto and house potato chips for $4, and a pan seared blackened cod Caesar salad for $5. All bottles of beer are $2.50, and 16oz drafts and glasses of wine are $4. 

MOD Pizza
Though the crispy, thin MOD crust with your choice of topping options is always on the affordable side, at the Armory happy hour there are mini six-inch pies for $4.47.  And sweet and savory dough “knots” for $2.77, along with PBR bottles for $2.

They've got handheld versions of potpies, like broccoli cheddar and English meat, for $4.95 during happy hour. Also mini-mini sweet pies are three for $4. Consider for your trio: peanut butter cream, key lime, and strawberry rhubarb. Plus all beers and ciders are $1 off.

Plum Market
For a healthy vegan happy hour, Plum offers its grub by the pound. For example, a half-pound of "mac 'n' yease" or a half-pound of salad will run you $5. That's one easy way to measure your vegetable intake. 

Seattle Fudge
Dessert happy hour will remind you of being a kid again, especially when it’s popcorn, caramel corn, licorice ropes, cotton candy, salt water taffy, and, let us not forget, fudge. Prices vary from $1.50 to $8. 

To see a full list of vendors and more details on "Seattle's Best Damn Happy Hour" check out the Seattle Center website, here.