Burger Expansions

A New Location—and Name—for 8oz. Burger Bar

The great Capitol Hill burger outpost is expanding to Ballard. And it's not a chain, thankyouverymuch.

By Allecia Vermillion September 24, 2013

8oz. will bring its fries, shakes, and burgers (including its burger of the month creations like this prosciutto burger) to Ballard in November. Photo via 8oz.'s Facebook page.

8oz. Burger Bar, an excellent burger outpost at Broadway and Union, is planning a second location in Ballard. Owner Kevin Chung says the space at 2409 NW Market Street should open shortly after Thanksgiving. 

I confess, when 8oz. Burger Bar opened in January 2012, I didn’t think a lot about it. Pleas for In-N-Out aside, Seattleites don’t get too fired up about out-of-town operations. And 8oz. started life as part of a chain with locations in LA, Miami, and elsewhere.

Then I actually ate at 8oz. and experienced the perfectly classic burger, carried by a well-seasoned patty and spongy bun, as well as versions far more fanciful, and yet totally successful. And oh lord, the short rib poutine. I confess I haven’t fully investigated the cocktails, but the draft beer selection is spot on and who can argue with a snickerdoodle milkshake? 

And it wasn’t just me—our critic, Kathryn Robinson, took quite a shine to the “others” part of the menu, featuring burgers of wild boar, lamb, or turkey…as well as the fries. 8oz. earned a place in the July issue's roundup of our favorite burgers.

This is a pretty impressive chain, right? Well, not exactly. 

According to Chung, he initially intended to be part of the 8oz. group, but when that partnership didn't gel, he already had the name in place and felt it was easier to just move ahead with it. But Chung owns the restaurant, and the menu at the Capitol 8oz. is all his creation. Same deal with the forthcoming Ballard spot.

To help clarify and officially distance itself from the chain, 8oz. is changing up its name a bit, too.  From here on out, both locations will be known as 8oz. Burger and Co.


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