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The Wallingford Farmers Market Gets a Picnic Purveyor

It's basically a perfect setup for a farmers market that happens in a park.

By Allecia Vermillion August 7, 2013

Clara Moore and salsa maker extraordinaire Liz Garrett dispense picnic-ready creations (and samples). Photo via Knife for Hire's Facebook page.

The newest vendor at the Wallingford Farmers Market has a concept that’s disarmingly simple, and yet spectacular for this time of year. Knife for Hire Picnic Foods now sets up shop every Wednesday and sells—wait for it—picnic foods. More specifically, takeaway salads and produce-centered creations that do double duty as both sustenance and a billboard for all the great things you can do with market produce. 

Knife for Hire chef Clara Moore recently moved here from St. Louis, and myself and a fellow editor both received notes from Gateway City contacts letting us know she was someone to keep an eye on. Recently her friend Liz Garrett came on as co-chef and business partner.

Moore has been posting each week’s menu on her Culinary Mercenary blog; today she and Garrett serves up a peach caprese, a hand-staining combo of roasted potatoes and caramelized cauliflower, tossed with turmeric and mustard seeds, and even freshly made peanut butter and raspberry jam sandwiches (technically those are for kids, but whatever). They're happy to point you toward the source of any of the ingredients she's using, and dole out some prep tips as well. 

The Wallingford Farmers Market happens at Meridian Park—pretty much the ideal picnic setup. You'll find Knife for Hire there on Wednesdays from 3 to 7. Seattle's farmers markets have a way of incubating up-and-coming food talents, so I'm eager to see people's response.




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