This is happening.

Take the obsession of the royal baby, crossbreed it with "Blurred Lines", and throw in some Macklemore video shoot–level mania and you can sort of approximate the hype that’s happening over cronuts. That would be a croissant crossed with a doughnut, an idea that originated at Dominique Ansel bakery in New York City but has since spawned lines, blogs, scalpers, and general obsession across the country and beyond. 

I was wondering if cronuts would make it to Seattle. The first person I’ve heard making a version locally is Ba Bar pastry chef Karen Krol. Recently Krol started offering the croissant-doughnut hybrids on Saturdays only (Ba Bar uses the “croughnut” spelling; Ansel has reportedly trademarked the term "cronut"). 

Unlike Dominique Ansel’s, Krol isn’t filling hers—“there’s a lot going on with the product in and of itself,” she says. But she is dusting them in cinnamon sugar and doing various glazes and toppings. Recent weeks have included chocolate ganache with toated almonds, lemon and coconut, and passionfruit. 

Krol started with her basic croissant dough recipe, and adapted the lamination process. And of course, her creations get deep fried before being served. Thus far the response has been positive, but quiet, she says. But croughnuts will most definitely be available for the special hangover brunch Ba Bar is doing in conjunction with Tequila Fest.


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