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Renee Erickson's Food Truck Will Serve the Queen Anne Farmers Market

The Narwhal will rotate through the market every couple of weeks.

By Christopher Werner March 15, 2013

From dairy van to food truck: Here comes the Narwhal. Photo via Facebook.

It's been about a year since we learned Renee Erickson, she of The Whale Wins, Walrus and the Carpenter, and Boat Street Cafe, intended to launch a food truck. Now arrives this fantastic bit of news: The Narwhal is slated to serve the Queen Anne Farmers Market.

The full list of vendors hasn't been announced yet, but Maggie Cuevas of QAFM says Erickson's fishy four-wheeler is definitely among the food trucks that will rotate through every couple of weeks. What exactly the Narwhal will serve Cuevas didn't know, but it's a safe bet oysters and other seafoody items are on the menu. Because oysters are always worth eating, even if you are standing up.

Jeremy Price, Joe Sundburg, and Chad Dale, who have a role in Erickson's various ventures, are also involved in the Narwhal. Its arrival at the market could mark one of the first public forays for the converted dairy van.

Erickson is no stranger to Queen Anne Farmers Market—last year she led an especially inspiring chef session, says Cuevas, and so the opportunity to work with her in a more regular capacity is beyond exciting, Cuevas noted.

The market opens June 6, by the way, and the remaining vendors will be finalized by May.

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