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Matt's Sibling Radiator Whiskey Opens April 1

No joke: Brown liquor and plenty of carnivory in Pike Place Market.

By Allecia Vermillion March 4, 2013

Radiator's Tyler Palagi and Charlie Garrison. Shouldn't this picture be in some sort of chef/construction fetish calendar or something? Photo via Radiator's Facebook page.

Dan Bugge and the Radiator team recently sent word that Monday, April 1 will be the official opening day for the den of brown liquor and smoked meat—and potentially a dash of iniquity—known as Radiator Whiskey

I was at Matt’s in the Market last night and construction on Radiator is moving along in the space across the hall, previously an architecture firm. Bugge, the affable owner of Matt’s, brought in former Spring Hill sous chef Tyler Palagi to head up the menu, alongside Charlie Garrison, who runs Matt’s lunchtime menu. Bugge has also installed a bar manager, Sara Rosales, to build the cocktail program and geek out about housemade stuff. SoDo’s 2bar Spirits is creating a house whiskey for the bar. 

I made the briefest of mentions of the flask club back in December, but Bugge and crew say that with a $500 entry fee comes a personalized flask, stored in a hollowed-out book on the shelves behind the bar until filled with a spirit of your choice upon arrival, as well as perks like events, barrel tastings, specials, and some reservation capabilities. Fancy!

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