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Restaurants Follow Food Trucks' Lead

Trend alert: Brick and mortars are going mobile.

By Christopher Werner February 22, 2013

From mortar to mobile. Or is it mobile to mortar?

Image: Young Lee

It seems we have an interesting trend on our hands: restaurants spawning food trucks. Traditionally it's been the reverse—food trucks going the way of restaurants—but recent developments suggest a shift.

Bruce Pinkerton and business partner Barry Baxter were among the first when in July they introduced (the short-lived) Urban Nomad, a pasta-slinging offshoot of Urban Cafe. Soon after Tom Douglas shuttered Ting Momo with the intent of launching the roving Ting Momo on the Go (sources say it's on the "back back burner"). Then came Makini Howell's Kickstarter campaign. The Plum proprietor plans to roll out shortly the city's first vegan food truck. The Brass Tacks team has mobile aspirations, and as Eater reported on Wednesday so does Barking Frog.

The latter's foray into four-wheeled dining is notable considering the upmarket roots of the Willows Lodge restaurant. The truck will carry that torch—it's not like cartoon characters will splatter the exterior, a rep says—and offer some of chef Bobby Moore's signature dishes (at least the ones that can be cooked on a truck).  

The mobile kitchen will serve as an off-site catering vehicle for events and festivals and will also make its way around town. Where? According to the rep, no neighborhoods have been determined. Look for it to makes its debut in May. 

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