Street Food News II

New Street-Food Carts

Marination, Maximus Minimus, TakoTruk…oh my

By Kathryn Robinson June 16, 2009

End of May saw the debut of TakoTruk, the new mobile taco stop out in front of the 14-Carrot Cafe and the Zoo, at Eastlake and Lynn. Open Thurs-Sat, 6pmish to midnightish. (Follow their tweets and you’ll know closing time for sure.)

A few weeks later came Maximus Minimus, the latest enterprise from the good folks at Beechers Cheese and Bennett’s Pure Food Bistro. We don’t know everything, but feel pretty darned confident describing it as the only pig-shaped trailer in town. Second and Pike daily. Pulled-pork sandwiches.

(Good ones! Went yesterday. Drippy. Like, don’t-ride-the-bus-with-one drippy. Featuring either sweetened meat or fiery—the minimus, the maximus—with a heap of divine cole slaw, should you desire. And faaaaaast…way faster than Skillet.)

Finally, tomorrow—Wednesday, June 17—brings the promised debut of Marination Mobile, the truck serving Hawaiian/Korean street food, often out of a tortilla. How’s that for fusion. They’ll be open every day of the week, SoDo to Ballard, per a schedule they’ll post and tweet.

Tomorrow it’s Fremont, Soundspeed Scooters, 11am to 2pm. Better check their site first, though; permitting snafus and the like have already delayed launch of this much-anticipated player.

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