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Ballard's Paratii Craft Bar Is Closing

And a Japonessa sibling sushi bar is reportedly moving in.

By Allecia Vermillion February 8, 2013

Paratii owner Sam Hassan has some interesting new projects in the works. Photo via Paratii.

 Word got out on Facebook and Twitter late last night that Brazilian-hued bar Paratii is closing its doors. So I called Sam Hassan, Paratii’s colorful owner (and cachacaphile) who gave me the rundown. He has a new distillery project in the works, but couldn't maintain both the bar and a new project without an additional investor. 

Paratii’s final night will be Friday, February 15. It’s the 180-day mark for an unusual Northwest-meets-Brazil sour beer that Hassan is aging in a sangiovese wine barrel for a year. That night, he will sell samples of the beer, called NW by SE, and bring in live performers for one blowout party

However Hassan isn’t exactly planning to sit around and watch The Chew when the bar closes. He says Billy Beach, owner of crazy-popular downtown spot Japonessa, is opening a sushi bar in the Paratii space at 5463 Leary Ave NW. Hassan is helping him set up the bar program.

He is also in talks to sublease from a local distillery to create products like a rum infused with banana preserves—the type of infusions that were happening at Paratii. 

Hassan had worked with Alejandro Brown of Big Al’s Brewing to create some inventive house beers for Paratii, and he says they are bottling his True Love, a lavender-chocolate porter. Look for 22-ounce bottles in local stores soon.

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