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These Restaurants Want to Make Your Super Bowl Snacks

Stock your party with these takeaway options so you can focus on watching the Harbaugh brothers bring it.

By Danielle Zorn and Katie Vincent January 30, 2013

Who will be the Alpha Bro?

If you live in San Francisco or Baltimore, Sunday is all about the game. If you live anywhere else, it's all about the commercials. Though if you're reading this blog, it's a good bet that your Super Bowl plans are also mostly about the food. Instead of slaving away for your Super Bowl (read: “Har-Bowl”) party, consider these football-conscious places ready to do the work, leaving you to enjoy the game, the commercials, or the long debate about who Daddy Harbaugh will be cheering for on Sunday. 

Ballard Pizza Company
Ethan Stowell's Ballard Ave pizzeria opens its garage door for football fiends. $25 scores you a seat by the big screen and, get this, unlimited pizza. Game day specials include a “Handsoff Handoff” pie (a.k.a. buffalo chicken) and $10 draft pitchers. For those who’d rather camp out at home, pizza delivery starts at 2pm. Reservations required for BPC’s in-house party. 

Top Pot
Football kicks off on Friday at all of the classic doughnut vendor’s locations, with 99-cent pastries in all colors of the Seahawks rainbow the whole weekend long—we all know it should be us in New Orleans! 

Kickin’ Boot Whiskey Kitchen
Slather your coffee table with a real Southern spread with the catering help of Ballard’s barbecue and bourbon know-it-alls. Choose from a fried chicken ensemble, a barbecue feast, or “The Game Day Spread”—a spicy potpourri of ribs, pulled pork, cheesy macaroni, and more.  

Ma'ono Fried Chicken and Whisky
That famed fried chicken is available to go for Super Bowl Sunday...along with an entire game-day menu ranging from pork cracklings to banana cream pies. Place your order by 8pm on Saturday and it will be ready for pickup by 2pm on Sunday. 

Seattle’s bacon jam and soul food virtuosos kindly offer to deliver baskets of barbecue pulled pork, fried chicken, cornbread, and the rest of the Super Bowl smorgasbord to your home via the website or, if it’s easier, through Amazon Fresh. And for those who are curious to try bacon jam for appetizers, enjoy a 10 percent discount and a bundle of recipes. 206-512-2000, 7am–12am, $10–$30.

Have any other ideas? Let us know. 

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