The Henry Whyte Building, future home of Kickin’ Boot Whiskey Kitchen. Photo courtesy

Late last week Allison Austin Scheff spread word of yet another new Ballard project, Kickin’ Boot Whiskey Kitchen. Now from the restaurant’s press team: more details.

Kickin’ Boot is opening in the Henry Whyte building on Shilshole Boulevard and 22nd Avenue NW. The warehouse dates from the 1920s; with its industrial past and accordant architecture, one can’t help but think of Melrose Market. Kickin’ accounts for about 4,500 square feet. The bar area accommodates 80, and the dining room just under 50. An enclosed patio with garage doors (and views of Salmon Bay) seats an additional two dozen.

Keeping in step with the neighborhood’s sudden affinity for barbecue and southern grub, the menu is heavy on Creole comfort food—fried catfish, fried chicken, gumbo, collards, shrimp and grits, tasso and cheddar fried grits—alongside wood-fired steaks and meats smoked on the premise. Not surprisingly, lots of whiskey, both foreign and domestic, steers the cocktail list.

Kickin’ is the project of Zak Melang and Nate Opper, the team behind the Matador chainlet. Opper spent several months eating his way through the U.S. before deciding southern cuisine would be the focus of this new venture. Who will oversee the kitchen and bar? That’s yet to be determined. Melang and Opper expect Kickin’ Boot to open in June.