These delightful orbs of fried rice are $2 during snack time at Agrodolce.

The happy hours are coming fast and furious. To keep tabs on all of them, Sauced will post a semi-regular rundown of the latest deals and discounts.

Bait Shop
Crowds are thick during prime drinking hour, so swing by between 4 and 6 for chances at a seat and markdowns on the frozen drinks—a margarita and the deceivingly boozy Painkiller—wells, and beer. Those barbecue pork rinds you may have heard about? Not on special but still worth an order at $4.

Sam's Tavern
The just-opened Pike/Pine burger bar is making a generous play with an all-day happy hour featuring six items, each $6, almost all of them requiring Tums: nachos with beef and bacon chili; mac and cheese in creamy garlic sauce; a Tornado Dawg adorned with chili cheese curly fries; seasonal greens with eggs and buttermilk bacon ranch.

Maria Hines's new Fremont spot is rolling out lunch, brunch, and a snack bar menu highlighting the restaurant's southern Italian roots. Mini pizzas are $5; the soon-to-be signature arancini are $2; salad, soup, chickpea cakes, and rice pudding fritters are $4. The drinks list also keeps it $5 and under. The menu is available daily 2:30–6 and again on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday between 10 and 11:30pm.

Cafe Campagne
Not a happy hour, per se. Noteworthy deal, yes. It's that time of year for 20-Buck Duck, the Market cafe's annual homage to the feathered fowl. A first course includes duck soup with potatoes and scallions; the second smoked duck breast with poached duck egg salad. The special is good through the rest of the month for both lunch and dinner.

A Jackson also gets you far at this Ballard Ave bistro, where the new 20-Buck Shuck (not duck) yields a dozen bivalves from Hood Canal, plus mignonette and Bloody Mary cocktail sauce. Glasses of muscadet and sparkling wine are $6. Shucking happens Sunday through Thursday from 4:30 to 10 starting January 14.

Speckled and Drake
East Olive Way's latest destination for craft cocktails marks them $1 down every day until 8pm. Otherwise wells are $3.

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