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What to Do After Work August 26–29

An experiment in LARPing, an Oregon senator’s war against Trump, and an artist's reimagining of the modern world.

By Lily Hansen and Jonathan Olsen-Koziol August 26, 2019

Molly Burch plays Tractor Tavern this Wednesday.

Mon, Aug 26
O Succulent
In traditional live action role-play (LARP), participants physically embody their chosen characters. A tribute to their treasured pastime, Butch Alice and Anya Knee journey from the Waylan School of Botany and Herbalism to the Southern Giraffa Desert as Professor McDinklethorn and Sister Sandwich. Their purpose? Adventure. And enough succulents to make a millennial jealous. Accompanying the show (and included in the ticket price) is a four-course vegan dinner. Cafe Nordo, $65

Tue, Aug 27
Jeff Merkley
Oregon democratic senator Jeff Merkley made headlines in 2018 after he live-streamed his attempt to enter a children’s migrant facility in Texas. His first book, America Is Better Than This: Trump’s War Against Migrant Families, offers a firsthand look into the humanitarian crisis at the southern border, tracking Merkley’s rise from inexperienced junior congressman to one of the nation’s leading advocates for closing the camps. Third Place Books Lake Forest Park, Free

Wed, Aug 28
Molly Burch
The public first took note of Austin-based singer Molly Burch’s voice following the release of her debut album, Please Be Mine, in 2017. Deep, hushed, and somewhat haunting, her vocals command attention in every song. In “To the Boys,” a standout from her sophomore release, Burch dismisses critics of her airy tones, layering plucked electric guitar over an Afro-Cuban jazz beat. Tractor Tavern, $15

Thu, Aug 29
Westland Distillery Whiskey Dinner
Westland master distiller Matt Hofmann will break down their sherry wood and peated single malts as Palisade supplies the cocktail-paired courses: oysters, roasted pork belly with pears, togarashi-cured and smoked king salmon with cucumber salad, pistachio-crusted rack of lamb, and chocolate brownies and brioche bread pudding with whiskey maple caramel. Palisade, $130

All Week (thru Sept 1)
Cauleen Smith: Give It or Leave It
This solo exhibition of sculpture, film, and site-specific installations by Los Angeles artist Cauleen Smith takes its inspiration from four distinct sources of African American history: Alice Coltrane’s California ashram, Billy Ray’s 1966 photospread of the Watts Towers, Noah Purifoy’s desert assemblages, and Rebecca Cox Jackson’s Shaker community. Through her work, Smith reimagines a black, feminist, and spiritual new world. Frye Art Museum, Free

Ticket Alert: Sept 8
Korean Barbecue Social
Hot Stove Society delivers a crash course on kalbi short ribs and bulgogi (barbecued flank steak). You’ll learn all about why certain cuts of meat rose to menu prominence and the art of banchan—literally side dishes, which include things like kimchi and sukju namul (marinated mung beans). Before you start chopping vegetables and grilling meat, you can grab a soju slushy made with seasonal fruit. Hotel Andra, $90

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