Sweet Sadness

No More Tastykakes at Tat's Delicatessen

The beloved East Coast confections have stopped shipping to Seattle.

By Erica Thompson January 31, 2013

Get it while you can. Image via Tastykake.

For East Coast natives, not having a local Tastykake fix could be the next Twinkie crisis. Yesterday Tat’s Delicatessen—one of the only places in the area to sell the Philadelphia-based snack confections—announced on Facebook that Tastykake has "ceased all retail shipping effective February 1." Ever since, fans have been lamenting the loss and scheming about how to get one final shipment of their favorite packaged dessert.

“A lot of people come in just for them,” said Tat’s manager Ian Libby. “If we could find another way to get them we would definitely keep buying them. We unfortunately can’t find a way to get them out here.”

The freezer at Tat's is usually fully stocked with three types of cupcakes and "cake fingers" covered with butterscotch and chocolate. But you best hurry down to Pioneer Square if you want to grab one of the remaining 'kakes. Unless a new distribution method materializes, East Coasters are going to have to find new ways to get their chocolate covered and cream filled cupcake fix. Or they may have to settle for a Little Debbie snack.

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