All of the deliciousness, none of the gluten. Photo courtesy D:floured.

Every now and then Kickstarter, the crowdsourcing platform that's  become quite the cluster, still manages to surprise you with an earnest endeavor. One such example is D:floured. 

D:floured is a baking company; the focus is on gluten-free foods. Maybe you gathered that from the witty name? The enterprise actually got its start in 2011 as Dolce Lou under Phebe Rossi. It wasn't until Amanda Bedell, a wheat-free espouser with a marketing background and mindset to launch a diet-accommodating business, came on board that it became D:floured.

The duo met through various forces within the gluten-free community. "It was love at first sight," gushes Bedell, noting their business goals couldn't have been more complimentary. They've since honed their respective roles: Bedell is the face of D:floured while Rossi develops recipes. Just recently she mastered her approach for perfectly flaky, puffy dough—no easy feat without traditional ingredients.

D:floured operates out of a commerical kitchen but the burgeoning business is necessitating a change. Bedell and Rossi hope to be retailing cookies, cakes, breads, and brownies at their own storefront by spring of 2013. Where? Somewhere central for sure, says Bedell, and with high walkability and easy parking. Capitol Hill and Wallingford are two neighborhoods she mentioned.

The timeline depends on funding, and partly whether their Kickstarter campaign comes to fruition—two days remain. In the meantime you can find D:floured at the Ballard Farmers Market year round. Special orders are taken via the website,, or by calling 206-395-4623.

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