Fried chicken. Made at Ma'ono, served up in sandwich form at the Rhino Room.

 Mark Fuller and his compatriots at the old Spring Hill turned monthly fried chicken dinners into the centerpiece of their do-over: the Hawaiian-themed Ma’Ono.

Sure, you could order the steamed barbecue pork buns or the saimin noodles. But why would you, when for $38 for two you could order (in advance) ten pieces of the best fried chicken you’ve ever had? Ice-bathed, brine-sealed, double-fried chicken, to be exact, which delivers just the crunch you were hoping for with about ten times as much succulence (even in the breast meat) and flavor as you thought you had a right to expect from the stuff.

It really is that good, served with rice and kimchee in either original recipe—my preference—or gochujang/hot chile spicy.