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How Pickle Got Out of a Jam Launches Kickstarter Campaign

The fledgling food truck takes to crowdsourcing in hopes of raising $13,500.

By Christopher Werner November 7, 2012

Venessa Goldberg and James Kennicott: in somewhat of a jam. Photo via Kickstarter.

Makini Howell isn't the only one relying on Kickstarter to launch a food truck. Venessa Goldberg and James Kennicott are hoping to raise $13,500 for their fledgling four wheeler, How Pickle Got Out of a Jam, via a crowdsourcing campaign launched on Wednesday.

"To keep a long story short, the truck we fell in love with proved to have some constraints that have made it difficult to build in the tools we need to serve up good eats," they write via email.

Over the summer the duo hosted sell-out backyard pop-ups as they finetuned their Northwest-inspired fare—smoked salmon croquettes; baby greens with bacon, beets, and deepfried egg; various soups, pastries, and pickled things. Should they meet their goal (visit their Kickstarter page to contribute), Goldberg and Kennicott hope to hit the road by year's end.

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