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Ethan Stowell Will Bring How to Cook a Wolf to Madison Park

His second-eldest restaurant in Queen Anne gets a sibling in another leafy neighborhood across town.

By Allecia Vermillion November 15, 2019

The new How to Cook a Wolf will look reminiscent of the original...except with a much bigger patio.

Apparently when Ethan Stowell wasn't busy opening a restaurant in the NYC Nordstrom and bringing his food to the new San Juan Seltzery, he was signing a lease for the former Bing's space in Madison Park. He's opening a second outpost of How to Cook a Wolf in this longtime neighborhood hub at 4200 East Madison Street. (Well, a third outpost if you count Wolf, his HTCAW-inspired restaurant in New York.)

"We've been getting requests to be in Madison Park for some time," says Stowell. He's looked at various spaces over the years, but this one, with its central location and ample patio, felt like a fit. Both the menu and the space will look familiar to fans of How to Cook a Wolf, which Stowell opened in 2007, a simpler era when the town's busiest restaurateur had just three places. 

The space will look like kin to the original How to Cook a Wolf atop Queen Anne, and the talented Nicole Matson (a Seattle Met Next Hot Chef in 2018, might I add) will oversee both restaurants—excellent news for any neighborhood residents who like to dine out despite allergies or dietary restrictions.

Stowell just signed the lease and has yet to traverse the wilds of Seattle's permit process, which means his prediction of a mid-2020 opening is nebulous at best. But moving forward, the chef says his company will focus mostly on new locations of Tavolàta and How to Cook a Wolf ("We're narrowing our vision to play to our strengths," says Stowell). The former he deemed too raucous for this neighborhood-focused pocket of the city. The latter, hopefully, will arrive by summertime. Especially given that patio.

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