Bourbony, biscuity, whipped cream goodness. Photo courtesy Seattle Biscuit Company.

At Seattle Biscuit Company, one of Seattle's up-and-coming food trucks, Sam Thompson and David Hanson are getting creative with the namesake pastry. This past weekend saw the debut of a bourbon bread pudding wherein biscuits serve as the bread.

"People loved it," recalls Thompson. It sold out in a flash.

When asked how, exactly, the booze comes into play, Thompson chuckled. "I incorporated it into everything"—the sauce, the homemade whipped cream, the pudding itself. "It's very bourbon heavy." 

No off-the-shelf bourbon is this. The fire comes courtesy Oola Distillery, the micro operation situated on Capitol Hill.  

Booze isn't compulsory for a decent batch of the dish, but it sure doesn't hurt. (Not for nothing is the amaretto bread pudding at Boat Street Cafe one of this city's best desserts.) The idea of infusing Oola came about when Hanson, a freelance writer, started work on a story that featured the distillery. Because the duo is big on using local products, they saw an opportunity to amp up the version Thompson once made as a sous chef in Mississippi. "It was far more traditional—definitely not made with biscuits." And bourbon only factored into the sauce.

The local connections don't end there. CB's peanut butter is mixed in the pudding, and shavings of a dark Theo Chocolate grace the finished product.

Thompson cautions that the bread pudding isn't an everyday offering but will be more of a weekend thing. The next batch will likely use Oola again, and after that he may experiment with other local labels. One possibility is Fremont Mischief.