Cal's Classic American Kitchen is officially open for business at 404 Terry Avenue N (near Harrison), filling in yet another space in what's becoming a formidable restaurant row deep in the Amazon.

It's the second restaurant from Classic Concepts Group, a team consisting of former Bastille chef Shannon Galusha, Matthew Schweitzer, and Jeff Chandler, whose family is behind the Ram brewpubs. The first one, in Kent, is more of a tavern, though much like the South Lake Union space, the guys sunk considerable resources into design, and creating an aged-industrial interior that belies the modern building it resides in.

Cal's is open for lunch and dinner, and starts brunch this Saturday. Galusha's menu is exactly what you would expect from an establishment with the words "classic," "American," and "kitchen" in the name: burgers, fancy mac and cheese, "tots in the style tater," hearty salads and veggie sides, and a host of totally-decadent-yet-classy bar bites. 

Oh, and one more thing. The 5,000-square-foot space has ample bar real estate, including craft cocktails, happy hour, and a communal table with a pour-your-own table tap that dispenses beer by the ounce.

Check out the slide show of the beautiful interior space, shot by Lucas Anderson.


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