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Vessel Really, Truly, and Seriously Opens Tonight

The long-lost cocktail lounge resurfaces at Seventh and Olive. Cartwheels are appropriate.

By Allecia Vermillion August 28, 2012


Jim Romdall in Vessel's ice-happy lab room.

 Vessel co-owner Jim Romdall reports that Vessel 2.0 will open its doors at 6 tonight, and will do so every evening for the rest of the week. The menu will be limited, at least until regular hours kick in on Monday, but no matter: Vessel is back after a much-lamented 20-month absence.

In December 2010, the bar vacated its original Fifth Avenue location due to lease issues. Romdall and business partner Clark Niemeyer set about transforming a former gift shop (and, long ago, the original El Gaucho location) at Seventh and Olive into a larger, more stylish, more food-serving version of Vessel. The new space is even tricked out with a room dedicated to ice production and cocktail-related experiments; it even has a giant window so passersby can watch these manically focused bar maestros do their thing.

Chef Cameo McRoberts's menu will be in full effect starting Monday, when Vessel opens for lunch. At a recent friends and family event, Michael Bertrand and Nathan Weber were behind the bar, and Romdall says Bryn Lumsden, Kevin Langmack, Ian Cargill, and Tyler Stamon will round out his crew of staple bartenders (Stamon is currently signed on for lunch shifts). After a soft opening period, Vessel will institute its plan of having a different bartender rotate through Vessel's custom-designed bar Sunday through Wednesday, and a cocktail menu that changes every night of the week.



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