It’s Bastille Day, You Might Want a Cocktail with a French Name

I suggest you go to Toulouse Petit or Vessel.

July 14, 2010

Cocktails with French names are available at Toulouse Petit and at Vessel.

If you’re not up for the shenanigans at these party-throwing restaurants, I should think Toulouse Petit would be a good place to celebrate Bastille Day.

Toulouse has French food and cocktails with French names, after all.

Or you could stop by Vessel, where the tenders are also fluent in cocktails Français and the chef has created a special French-themed snack menu: Frisee aux Lardons (salad with ham and a poached egg on top), Portuguese-style mussels—that usually means cooked with onion and chorizo—fingerling potatoes with olives, and that classic French snack: radish with butter and salt.

Vive La Republique, and so forth.

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