Photography by Olivia Brent

Bar Type(s)
Editors Pick, Romantic, Singles Scene

The cult cocktail bar that invented the cult cocktail bar in this town moved out of one trendily chartreuse downtown address and into a trendily red one—but it’s still the spot for a thinking drinker’s libation in the shopping district. It’s all highly scientific—cocktail ice is cut with diamondlike precision to maximize cooling and minimize dilution—and the sunken room behind the black and red-lit bar is a bona fide laboratory, complete with intimidating hoisting hook and chain saw. (For cutting the ice, silly.) The result is perfect $12 cocktails, made by some of the best bartenders in the city, many with bitters and tinctures made on site. A list of salads, charcuterie, crudo, and spirit-kissed desserts enable the tippling while not consistently reaching its level. It’s louder than hell in here.


624 Olive Way, Seattle, WA, 98101
Denny Regrade  •