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Unsung Bar Heroes: Sonya's Skyy Lounge

A prime spot for people watching, plus some killer views in back.

By Christopher Werner August 13, 2012

Grab a seat.

It's Unsung Heroes week here on Sauced, in which readers chime in with their favorite underappreciated watering holes.

Sonya's Skyy Lounge

Open since: 1980
Why it's awesome: "Sonya's is a great space with a front bar for visitors and non-regulars who wander in from First Avenue, and a back bar with great views of Puget Sound. The bartenders are super friendly and the pours are strong if you're nice. The food, made in a tiny kitchen, is good," according to Heather (who's so smitten with the place she had her wedding reception here).

That back bar is indeed nice, but on sunny days the sidewalk seating is even better. Sonya's occupies the (possibly haunted) stretch of First Avenue that's also home to Le Pichet and Virginia Inn. All three are wise on the fact it's a prime perch for people watching--if you can score a seat. That's especially tricky at Pichet and the Inn, but at Sonya's, there's always a spot or two for alfresco sipping. It's the barstools inside that are inevitably occupied (may have something to do with those super friendly bartenders).

Bonus: Biscuit Bitch is a few doors down for postbeer munchies.

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