Shift Change

Michael Seidel Leaves Pastry Post at Tilikum Place Cafe

He's at the Tin Table now, and still building his Troubadour Baker business.

By Christopher Werner August 22, 2012

The Tin Table gets Michael Seidel.

After three years of doing desserts at Tilikum Place CafeMichael Seidel is headed up the Hill to The Tin Table. There he'll prep pastries alongside Frank Wielgosiek, a former sous chef at Tilikum who is stepping into the executive spot. 

"His creative and collaborative nature is very inspiring to me professionally and personally, and our food styles are very much in sync," explains Seidel. "So I wanted to continue to work with him."

Another reason for the departure: Seidel's burgeoning retail and home-delivery business, The Troubadour Baker. "I've expanded to include parts of the Eastside and have added some new delivery options to the menu as well. The schedule at the Tin Table looked to work better with my growing baby." 

The shift will allow Seidel, who also crafts custom cakes through Troubadour, to serve as a sort of resident cake maker for neighboring Century Ballroom, site of many a wedding and special event.

Seidel started earlier this week and already has whipped up some enticing additions, including coconut tapioca pudding with peaches and brown butter shortbread and a torta caprese, similar to flourless chocolate almond cake. Ice creams and sorbets, he says, "will change continually to capture whatever seasonal fancy happens into my head." 

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