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Linda Derschang Plans New Bar and Restaurant on Broadway

Bait Shop will open in the former Bako space.

By Christopher Werner August 24, 2012

Linda Derschang's latest project, Bait Shop, takes over the former Bako space. Photo: Geoffrey Smith.

On a recent episode of Seattle Voices, a coy Linda Derschang mentioned to host Eric Liu, "I know I want to do a couple more projects." One of them, Tallulah's, slated for 19th Avenue East, we've known about for some time. This morning Derschang confirmed to Seattle Met she's also planning another establishment for Capitol Hill, this one on the northern stretch of Broadway near Poppy and Altura.

Bait Shop will open at 606 Broadway East. If that address rings a bell, maybe it's because it's where Keeman Wong opened Bako just under a year ago. The modern Cantonese restaurant never seemed to find its footing, however. Wong told CHS blog that Bako's last night of service was Thursday. 

Derschang, whose current establishments include Oddfellows, King's Hardware, Smith, and of course Linda's Tavern, isn't wasting any time turning around the space. She hopes this newest restaurant and bar, which she describes as "maybe more on the King's and Linda's side of the family than the Smith and Oddfellows side," will open in early November. 

Derschang is keeping mum on further details but promised to follow up early next week with more. So do check back.

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