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Matt Dillon Launches a CSA

The acclaimed chef’s Old Chaser Farm offers an amped-up farm share this summer.

By Anne Larkin March 23, 2012

Sweet fuzzy things live on Old Chaser Farm. Photo via their website.

This summer, 30 lucky people (lucky and willing to pony up about two grand), will be recipients of an Old Chaser Farm and Larder Share. It’s the first foray into the world of community-supported agriculture, or CSA, programs for local chef, devout locavore, and James Beard nominee Matt Dillon. Situated on Vashon Island, Old Chaser Farm is part of Dillon’s family of restaurants and bars and breadmakers. The farm raises fuzzy creatures like sheep and goats as well as pigs and free-range chickens. And honeybees. And, you know, fruits and vegetables. Old Chaser stocks the kitchens of Sitka and Spruce and The Corson Building, and a farm and larder share gets you in on that same action.

Dillon is offering much more than just produce. Each week the family-sized box will include: a load of fresh produce, six eggs, one dairy product (perhaps some creamy labneh, maybe a touch of creme fraiche), a loaf of Corson bread, a jar of something preserved (whether it be rich stock, something pickled just for you, or a little smidge of jam), and, of course, a bottle of wine. Also, recipes from the Dillon team. An optional meat share includes eight chickens, a fourth of a pig, and a whole lamb. In addition to all this: two workdays on the farm (I have a feeling there won’t be too much work involved) that each end in a family-friendly communal meal. Sans meat, the share costs $1950, which works out to about $85 a week. Which may very well be worth it, for what might be the best farm share on earth.

The shares get delivered weekly to either Sitka and Spruce or the Corson Building. More specifics and sign-up details are right here.

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