Nook Does Japanese For a Week

Don’t worry, the biscuits aren’t going anywhere.

By Christopher Werner February 10, 2012

Soba noodles. Photo courtesy justhungry.com.

Nook, the breakfast and lunch den known mostly for its biscuits, is throwing us for a curveball and hosting a series of Japanese dinners starting February 22.

Owners Aki Woodward and Alex Green have invited several restaurateurs from Japan to craft three-course meals with soba noodles at the center. Green worked with the guys in Japan, where apparently they own a slew of soba joints. The buckwheat noodles will be made from scratch each day; the main dish comes with either duck or oysters. (Sorry vegetarians, no substitutes.) The dinners are cheap (reserve in advance and the cost is $10, at the door it’s $12), and making reservations would be prudent—not only is Nook tiny, Woodward says the chefs are making only 25 batches each day. The popup runs through the 26th from 5 to 8 and concludes on Tuesday the 28th.

If the response is positive, Woodward says she and Green will consider organizing more such feasts. Not to worry, business will continue as usual during the day—that is, the biscuits aren’t going anywhere.

Call 206-268- 9154 0154 to reserve a spot.

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